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Emily Nekl, Flower farmer
Still Frames Photography
Still Frames Photography
Flower and bee
Bumble bee
Why Local Flowers?


Each stem you buy from our farm has been planned from seed to stem.  We hand pick specifically for each order, so you are receiving the freshest material that the garden has to offer at that time. Many of the flower varieties we grow are not available from wholesalers, as they do not ship well.  Our material repeatedly proves to outlast non-locally grown material in freshness and quality. While we cannot offer flower structures out of season, we do give our customers a high variety of seasonal floral material in a myriad of color. We provide flowers based on seasonality, so our customers are supporting natures natural growing schedule. 


We are members of our community, and while farming is not easy work, we wouldn’t endure the backache, exhaustion, extreme heat or freezing cold if we didn’t have huge hearts and crazy awesome ideas.  Farming flowers requires an enormous amount of forethought – months and months, sometimes years, before a stem is harvested, we have carefully planned and cared for the plant. As farmers we are patient, intentional and have high levels of hope.  There is no quick pay off with flower farming, no guarantee that the crops will be successful, but when the plants do well, the pay off is incredible – the blooms are big, bright, luscious, and do nothing but bring all of us peace and happiness.


Our flowers never get on an airplane, they typically never leave water once they are cut, and when they leave the farm, we have the greatest grins knowing that they will bring nothing but joy to everyone they meet. All we really need are buckets and clippers for our flowers; no boxes, very little wrapping material, if any, and very little fuel to move them. Our carbon footprint is small, and we are very proud of this.  Additionally, we take extra steps to ensure that we use biodegradable materials, and recycle material when possible to keep our landfill footprint low. 


Local flower farms host an enormous array of biological diversity.  We have a large number of floral varieties to choose from in all sorts of colors, but we also host beneficial soil, land, and water organisms - critters galore!  Our insect friends feed from our fields and go on to help pollinate surrounding food growers, helping to keep our ecosystems in check and food on our tables.  We spend many mornings placing sleeping insects from flower heads that are being harvested, to other plants.  These organisms are instrumental to helping maintain the longevity of our ecosystems, and honestly, the feel of the buzz of a bee on your fingers is completely awesome. 


We believe that we should all demand locally grown flowers and better bouquets with more floral diversity.


We would like to thank everyone who supports locally grown agricultural material!


Thank You

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