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Kind Words from Our Customers

Our experience with Fuggles Flowers was outstanding!!  From beginning to end, Emily made sure that we knew what the plan was, had a say in what flowers were used, and any changes that might have to be made due to weather.  We really liked the idea that we were getting locally grown flowers, not something that had been shipped in from who knows where.  Not only is Emily very professional, she makes you feel comfortable and are working with your best friend.  Even with the hurricane that occurred the week before the wedding, our flowers were just perfect.  ~ Beth and Kelly, bridal couple

Emily was such a joy to work with, and it was great to work with a homegrown local florist. The floral arrangements that were made were a great addition to my wedding and turned out amazing. She even put together a toss bouquet for the reception last minute. I would recommend her to any bride to be or for any other occasion!  ~ Kelsey, bride

We recently used Fuggles Flowers for my daughter's wedding. Emily was absolutely great to work with, and everything was prepared and delivered on time. The flowers all looked beautiful - and guests commented on how pretty and unique the arrangements were. It was a good feeling knowing that ALL of the flowers were locally grown, and we were supporting a local business. I would HIGHLY recommend them for any occasion you may have.  ~ Gail, mother of the bride

I was so happy to learn about Fuggles Flowers from my sister in Elizabeth City when I was visiting from Texas. I decided to send my mom flowers when I got back home and Emily was so helpful and just an email away. After sending a lovely arrangement hand delivered, the next time Emily suggested sleeved bouquets, so I began sending those to my mom. Not only are the flowers beautiful, but the brief visit when delivered with a smile, means the world to my mom. I am all ready to sign up for sending flowers as soon as the blossoms begin this spring!  ~ Marilyn, special orders

Flowers are so important to us and our life and love, and you and your farm so perfectly capture what we think they should be: at least a little wild, tended by someone who is inspired and curious, and appreciated for their unique and individual beauty.  Your hard work is not lost on us, and there’s no one else who could have been so in touch with all the garden has to offer. ~ Chelsea and Julian, bridal couple

Still Frames Photography

I love getting my flowers from Emily. She has the most beautiful flowers and is always willing to try to grow new crops that I request. She makes providing local flowers a breeze and can offer me things I cannot get from the wholesaler. Her farm is beautiful and so fun to visit. She is so passionate about what she does I could talk to her for hours about varieties of flowers. ~ Page, OBX wedding designer

I never knew until this past year what exactly a flower farmer was & did until I was asked to document Fuggles Flowers on a monthly basis. I was under the wildly false assumption that you buy some seeds, throw them in the ground, maybe water them a few times & hope you have beautiful flowers come up. WRONG! I watched Emily manually pull weeds, dig rows, pound stakes into the ground, and plant in 100+ degree weather, all by hand. She had to fight off mosquitoes, be covered from head to toe in sweat & dirt, and carefully watch the weather. She was out before the sun was up & worked all morning long, then back out there in the evenings. I learned they're not just "flowers," Emily knows all the scientific names for them, how to treat them as seedlings, what conditions they need to grow, when and how they need to be pruned, what colors they come in, what season they grow in, how long their lifespan is & so many other crazy details. As for selling the flowers, because this is a business, I watched as she taught herself how to do flower arrangements, bridal bouquets, flower head pieces, and table centerpieces. A flower farmer does so much more than just grow pretty flowers. Emily is a hard manual worker, a researcher, an experimenter, a scientist, a marketer, a creator, a designer, a weatherman, a business-woman all in a days work. I will never look at a flower the same ever again.  ~ Amy, Still Frames Photography

***I hired Amy Gibbons with Still Frames Photography to document Fuggles Flowers during our 2016 season for this website.  She has been our family photographer since 2011, is just an amazing person, and seriously the best at capturing my life through a lens.  I asked her to give me a take on what she saw through the 2nd year of the business as I was learning to farm.

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